Career counselling resources

Welcome to the career counselling resources!

When it comes time for young people to explore their career options, guidance counsellors play a key role! With this in mind, we have designed all the tools you need to promote dental careers to young people, whether you’re in private practice or a school setting.

Promotional materials to order

You can order materials that showcase dental careers—we have posters and stickers promoting the dental profession and the website all ready to put up in your offices and schools. Order the materials you need now!

See promotional material


Various documents are available to help you and the young people you work with explore their options for a future career. Consult them to learn more!

Stimulating activities for your students!

We have a bank of dental ambassadors ready to share their passion with your students. Take advantage of our ambassadors’ expertise as they help your students explore the various dental professions!

Information booth

Are you organizing a career day? Our ambassadors will be happy to come out and introduce your young people to the dental profession. They will present photos, videos, dental instruments and equipment, and much more!

Interactive presentation

Book one of our dental ambassadors for a dynamic and interactive presentation. On the agenda: dental careers, different courses and programs, the daily life of dental staff and answers to all your questions!

Observation internship in a dental clinic

The best way to introduce your students to the dental profession is to let them experience it firsthand! An observation internship lasting a few hours is a great opportunity to experience a day in the life of dental staff and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

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