The maestro of the clinic

Dentists do more than just look after teeth—they’re in charge of the complete oral examination! As a dentist, your job is to check the health of your patients’ teeth, mouth and surrounding tissues, and to diagnose any problems with the teeth in order to recommend treatment, if necessary. Together with your team, you are responsible for keeping your patients’ oral health at its best!

Although most dentists work in private dental clinics, you may also choose to work in a hospital or for a public health agency. Other options include teaching, doing research or pursuing a career in the military!

Degree :  University (Doctorate)
Placement rate :  100%
Duration :  4–5 years

A day in the life of Dr. Malouf!

In this video, Emy spends some time with Dr. Malouf to find out more about his daily work and his studies. One thing is for sure: a dentist never has a dull moment!

Being a dentist is for you if…

  • You have good manual dexterity and excellent precision
  • You enjoy interacting with and helping people
  • You react effectively and calmly under pressure or in stressful situations
  • You’re a good team player and a good listener
  • You’re interested in human anatomy and how the body works
  • You’re not afraid of studying hard!

You will…

  • Examine teeth, gums and tissues to diagnose oral health problems and diseases
  • Plan treatments and diagnostic tests
  • Provide dental care including cosmetic procedures
  • Prescribe drugs or inject anesthetics
  • Refer patients to other dental specialists as needed
  • If you have your own clinic, you will oversee its daily management, including the activities of your team: dental hygienists, dental assistants and other employees.

Did you know that dentists can detect up to 200 diseases or lesions in the mouth? There’s a lot more going on in there than you think!

Training and prerequisites

To become a dentist in Quebec, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an undergraduate degree in a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program. To do so, you must first have a diploma of college studies (DEC) and meet specific requirements. After completing your DMD program, you can continue to study in a specialty field, such as periodontics, orthodontics or your choice of many others!
  • Hold a permit to practise from the Ordre des dentistes du Québec
  • Renew your membership in the Ordre des dentistes du Québec every year

To apply to the university dental program, you must have completed one of the following college programs:

  • A DEC in Science, provided you have passed the following courses:
    • Biology 401
    • Chemistry 202
  • A DEC in Arts and Science
  • Any other DEC, provided you have passed the following courses:
    • Biology 301 and 401
    • Chemistry 101, 201 and 202
    • Mathematics 103 and 203
    • Physics 101, 201 and 301

Other prerequisites and requirements for the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree vary depending on the university you choose. Check with the university of your choice to find out more!

Institutions offering this program

The dental medicine program is offered at the following academic institutions:


Quebec City

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