Administrative staff

Keepers of the calendar!

Depending on the size of the dental clinic, the administrative tasks are carried out by one or more people. Some clinics have only one secretary, some have several, and others even have clinic coordinators or managers. The nature of the work will vary depending on the work environment you choose!

Degree :  Professional (or more!)
Placement rate :  100%
Duration :  1 year

A few minutes with dental secretary Vanessa!

The profession of dental secretary may seem complicated, but it becomes exciting when you’re as organized as Vanessa! In this video, Emy marvels in front of Vanessa’s screen.

An administrative staff job is for you if…

  • You have excellent organizational skills and strong initiative
  • You’re a good communicator and enjoy teamwork
  • You work effectively under pressure
  • You’re a good listener

Your job is to…

  • Greet patients when they arrival at the dental clinic
  • Answer the phone
  • Manage appointments according to staff availability
  • Prepare invoices and receive payments from patients
  • Organize supporting documentation for insurance claims
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable reception area
  • Act as a bridge between the dentist, the hygienist and the patients

In most dental clinics, it is the dentist who performs management tasks. However, often due to a lack of time, they assign these tasks to a coordinator, a manager or a secretary. So, your daily routine might also include:

  • Managing employee payroll
  • Hiring new employees as needed
  • Compiling invoices
  • Doing the bookkeeping
  • Handling dental supply orders
  • Managing the clinic’s social media accounts

Did you know that administrative staff at dental clinics do much more than just booking appointments? Depending on the size of the dental clinic, your tasks will vary, from greeting patients to hiring staff!

Training and prerequisites

In Quebec, no professional, college or university training is required to hold an administrative position in a dental clinic. However, some clinics prefer to hire people who have a DVS in secretarial or dental secretarial studies or any other administrative training. Contact the clinic of your choice to find out more!

Institutions offering this program

The following institutions offer the Dental Secretary program:

Lower Saint Lawrence

Quebec City




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