Dental hygienist

A dental hygiene educator!

Dental hygienists provide patients with care and advice to help prevent potential diseases from developing. Hygienists spend a lot of time with patients and end up forming a special bond with them!

Degree :  College (DEC Dental Hygiene)
Placement rate :  100%
Duration :  3 years

Meet Maria, Emy Lalune’s dental hygienist!

In this video, Emy visits her favourite dental hygienist and asks her a set of questions about various aspects of her work—and about what she does behind closed doors!

The dental hygiene profession is for you if…

  • You have good manual dexterity and excellent precision
  • You’re a responsible person and are not afraid to take charge
  • You like to give advice to the people around you
  • You react effectively and calmly in stressful situations
  • You’re a good team player and a good listener

Your job is to…

  • Assess your patients’ oral health
  • Perform diagnostic examinations, including taking x-rays, as prescribed by the dentist
  • Polish and clean teeth, remove plaque, etc.
  • Contribute to orthodontic treatments and follow-ups, according to the dentist’s prescription
  • Educate patients about prevention and oral hygiene
  • Apply anticariogenic or desensitizing agents and anesthetic gel
  • Contribute to certain treatments as prescribed

Dental hygienists and their patients have a close relationship! In addition to providing care and reassurance, the hygienist gets to know them and checks up on them at every appointment.

Training and prerequisites

In Quebec, to become a dental hygienist, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain a DEC in Dental Hygiene at a Quebec CEGEP
  • Obtain a permit to practise from the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec
  • Renew your membership in the Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec every year

Institutions offering this program

Here are the colleges in Quebec that offer the dental hygiene program:

Lower Saint Lawrence

Quebec City







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